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Bunion Correction Surgery

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Before surgery
Scar after surgery
X-ray after surgery
For a short video of the surgical procedure for dealing with bunions, please click here
WHAT IS A BUNION? Also known as hallux valgus this is a malalignment of the big toe joint which causes the big toe to go off at an angle. As a result the big toe starts to crowd the smaller toes. It makes the foot wider which causes footwear fitting difficulties and also can give rise to pain within the big toe joint and the development of painful calluses. Because the big toes joint does not bear weight normally it can also cause pain under the second knuckle joint which will feel like walking on a marble. Although this foot problem can be made worse by certain shoe types it is an inherited condition.
AIMS OF SURGERY To correct position of toe, prevent footwear irritation and improve appearance.
ANAESTHETIC Local anaesthetic: Local anaesthetic with sedation. General Anaesthetic


Operation time 30mins
Incision placement To the side of the big toe joint, so when you look down at your foot when standing the scar cannot be seen.
Stitches We use dissolvable stitches where possible.
Will I have wires? Yes, usually a combination of small screws and wires which are countersunk into the bones. These ensure that the bones heal in the position that the surgeon aligned them in
When do I go home? You are usually able to go home the same day. You must have a responsible adult to stay with you.
Time off work Varies according to the nature of your work and the surgery required but usually is 6 weeks.
INDICATIONS FOR SURGERY Pain from the big toe joint. Difficulty with shoe fit. Crowding of the small toes leading to deformity and painful corns and calluses. Failure of conservative care e.g. padding , splints and changing shoes.
ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS Manage your symptoms by altering activity levels, use of painkillers, change in footwear possibly with a foot support. The use of insoles / orthotics will not correct your bunion.
  • Infection(minor&serious)
  • Scar problems
  • Postoperative pain
  • Loss of sensation
  • Postoperative swelling
  • Failure of the operation
  • Medication side-effects
  • Blood clots
  • Chronic pain / swelling
  • Recurrence
  • Stiff toe joint

  • Elevated toe
  • Swelling

  • Pain under the ball of the foot due to change of weight distribution
RECOVERY TIME Most patients can return to normal footwear (eg training or lace up shoes) and driving 2 weeks following surgery so long as there have been no post operative complications

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