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When Foot Surgery Goes Wrong

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When Foot Surgery Goes Wrong

The following photos are examples of foot surgery which has been poorly performed, along with the outcome of the revision surgery to put it right.

It is NOT INTENDED to frighten you but show there is a way out and a solution if foot surgery has gone wrong.

Prior to surgery this foot was markedly deformed but after surgery did not look much better.

Severe Deformity before first surgerySevere Deformity AFTER first surgery

Clinically the result was very poor but after revision surgery by Tim Kilmartin everything was restored to normal position

Feet still Deformed after surgery by other SurgeonsDeformity rectified after revisionist surgery by Foot Surgery Services


This 50 year old lady developed severe deviation of her small toes and also a lot of pain under the ball of her foot following an operation in the arch of her foot. This operation straightened the small toes, shortened the big toe and lifted the bones on the ball of the foot to reduce the weight taken on that area:

Severe Deviation of Small ToesSevere Deviation of Small toes after Surgery by Foot Surgery Services


This lady has previously undergone surgery to her big toe and 3rd  toe for the treatment of a bunion deformity and a hammer toe. The bunion deformity relapsed and the 3rd  toe was left short and floating above the ground. Revision surgery achieved good correction and a normal looking foot.

Surgery (not carried out by Foot Surgery Services)  left short "floating" toeRevision Surgery by Foot Surgery Services has left a normal functioning and normal looking foot


After repeated attempts to correct her bunion this lady was referred to Foot Surgery Services after undergoing an amputation. This is a completely avoidable complication

Toe Needlessly amputated after repeated operations by surgeons OTHER THAN Foot Surgery Services


Here an operation has been performed to correct a bunion deformity. The bone has not healed but the big toe joint is now much shorter which has moved the pressure onto the smaller joints in the ball of the foot. Revision surgery sought to reduce that overload by shortening the bones in line with the big toe knuckle joint.

bigToeProblemsBig toe problems solved by Revision Surgery by Foot Surgery Services


This lady has a very poor result from bunion surgery. The bunion has recurred but the weight distribution has been radically changed. The bunion has to be corrected again but also it proved necessary to shorten the other knuckle bones and correct the position of the little toe knuckle joint to reduce the width of her foot.

Toe Shortening Surgery Required after Bunion Surgery by another PracticeToe Shortening Surgery by Foot Surgery Services has resolved the problems of the first operation by another practice