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Patient Testimonials - July 2014

I am delighted with the results and doing really well. I was particularly impressed by the way you made yourself available by text it gave me great reassurance. I’ve already recommended you to several people who have been very sceptical about foot surgery, it’s really very funny to see people taking off their socks and shoes to compare their feet to mine. D.M. Gilford.  June 2014

Hi Claire, I'm back in heels and thrilled with the results of my bunion surgery! A.C. Dublin August 2013

Dear Claire , Again many thanks for the wonderful job you did on my foot, it has been on display so many times as everybody keeps asking to see your good work - you may have a lot of ladies calling to see you. A.D. Dublin Dec 2013

Your caring friendly manner made the whole procedure easier to get through. I'm now looking forward to some retail shoe therapy. E.L. Belfast May 2013

Many thanks for all your kindness to me. I.G. Dublin July 13

Since the middle of October I have been able to wear high heels again and for the first time in my life I am looking forward to the summer so that I can at last wear sandals, so let the shoe fest begin. V.C. Dublin November 2010

And from the staff and specialists who work with Tim Kilmartin
Dr Kilmartin has practiced in the field of Podiatry initially and then Podiatric Surgery for many years. He has developed exceptional diagnostic and clinical skills for which he is justly renowned. He often has to deal with complex clinical cases and is often the "last ditch chance" for a patient for whom previous interventions by clinicians and surgeons has failed to relieve a problem or made a problem worse.

He is generous with his advice and help to fellow professionals, either over the phone or practically by visiting other centres and directing a difficult case. His academic record is second to none both in the UK and probably in Europe and the USA. He has provided much if not most of the research base for podiatric surgery in the UK (a remarkable acheivement) and is held in high esteem by the profession.

"Dr Kilmartin is by some way one of the most knowlegable podiatric surgeons I have worked with. His attention to detail and ability to reflect is second to none."
Dr Kilmartin is an eminent colleague for whom I hold considerable respect. His contribution to our profession in terms of research is beyond reproach and he has done much to drive the quality of practice up based on outcome evidence. he has trained a number of surgeons who have gone on themselves to share his passion for foot surgery"

"One of the few 'great' podiatrists. proven record of excellence, skill, development and training of others."

Further patient testimonials:

"The operation has brought back quality of life for me and I thank Mr Kilmartin from the bottom of my heart."
Mrs MR.  Willington Bunion surgery for metatarsalgia January 2009

Such pain borne in Malta and also Ukraine,
I’m now back from Switzerland crutchless again
I’ve scaled up the Eiger and steep Matterhorn
And glad to report troubles nearly all gone.
And here I was thinking I’m over the top
Much better the knife than to not knife at all,
Thanks Mr Kilmartin, I’m having a ball.

Mr I.H., Nottingham Fusion of the midfoot joints;

"At last I will be able to buy pretty shoes this summer and have no need to hide my feet – for the first time in 20 years! I was very surprised how little pain I had. After so many years of ugly feet I can’t believe that the feet I now have are mine."
Mrs P.B. Newark. Following bunion surgery to both feet;

"I am delighted with the result and speed of recovery. I had first class care and attention and was shown great kindness, patience and understanding by everyone."
 Mrs E.B. Chester. Surgery for big toe arthritis;

"I was most impressed by your excellent communication, readily answering my questions, describing and explaining each procedure. The experience was much easier than expected"
M.O’R. Derbyshire Bunion surgery;

"Miss O’Kane many thanks for your help and support with my foot. Your team were exceptional in their care for me."
D.L. Derbyshire. Toe surgery;

"I was very nervous about the whole matter but the treatment I received was exemplary and thanks are too infrequently expressed these days."
K.J. Derby. Bunion Surgery;

"I would like to thanks you for the surgery that you performed to remove my very troubling verruca back in November 2007. I have taken my time to write because I wanted to be sure that I could say ‘It’s GONE!’ I am absolutely delighted with the result. "
Dr E.P. Notts. Verrucae surgery;

"Just to let you know my op has been a complete success. As you know nothing is straightforward with me but you’ve cracked it this time!"
G.M. Derbyshire. Hammerr toe surgery;

Patient Testimonials 2008

"Just a short note to say how much I appreciated your care when I came in on September 24th for my Keller operation. I was treated with kindness and care of the highest possible standard, you were really fantastic and a very special team. Your cure gave me the start of a very quick recovery and I am so grateful to you all. You do a wonderful job so well."
Mrs M.R. Surgery for arthritis of the big toe joint

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your miracle work. You have truly changed my life. Hopefully I have now completed all the necessary surgery and I’m looking forward to living with the benefits. I’ve finally learned to love my feet. Keep up your amazing work. Ever thankful." 
Ms H.I. Revision operation for failed bunion correction

"As someone who works in theatres it was quite strange to be on the other side for my operation but your team were exceptional in their care for me throughout the afternoon."
D.L. Bunion correction

"Thank you for giving me new feet to abuse rock climbing for (I hope) the next 20 years. The best Christmas present I’ll ever have. With very best wishes."
S.D. Bunion correction

"Thank you for the surgery that you performed to remove my very troubling verrucae back in November 2007. I am absolutely delighted with the result. ITS GONE. I also wanted to say how impressed I was with my treatment on the day of my surgery." 
E.P. Verrucae excision

"I was very nervous about the whole matter but the kind treatment I received was exemplary."
K.J. Neuroma surgery

"From the moment I came to the clinic things were explained all along before and after the procedure and any questions were answered clearly. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who needed an operation under your wonderful care."
E.R. Bunion correction

"To everyone who dealt with me last Wednesday, you were amazing and I’m grateful for all you did. "JDM  Surgery for arthritis of the big toe joint

"The care during and after the operation was excellent."
J.P. Hammer toe surgery

"I would like to thank you for returning my daughters foot to normal. She is recovering quickly and is returning to London to resume her studies."
K.K. Bunion correction

"There is some bloke at Ilkeston Hospital who did wonders for my cousin’s wife’s bunions.  When it comes to matters articulations pedis, Mr Kilmartin is the governor. Veteran of 11,000 foot operations; loads of awards; lectured all over the world." 
Derby Evening Telegraph