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So you think YOU'VE got problems, there is always someone worse off……

The following feet are not for the faint hearted but show just how even the worst feet can be returned to normal with surgical correction.

Complex forefoot deformity correction, surgery has been performed on the big toe bunion joint and the 2nd and 3rd toes which were badly clawed. A foot that looks good generally works well and it is essential to preserve the length of the toes and ensure they still touch the floor.

complex forefoot deformitycomplex forefoot deformity resolved by Foot Surgery Services

Complex forefoot reconstruction. Here the big toe has dislocated the 2nd toe which in turn allowed the 3rd toe to claw underneath it. All well corrected at 3 months post op.


Bunion DeformityBunion Deformity after surgery by Doot Surgery Services

The bunion is so severe that it is pushing all the other toes sideways making the foot looked windswept. This sort of surgery would take under an hour to perform and all the patients go home the same day.

Bunion and Chilblain BeforeBunion and Chilblain After Surgery ny Foot Surgery Services

This bunion also has a chilblain on it mainly because this 70 year old lady has not been able to wear normal shoes for years. She is now enjoying retail therapy.

extreme bunion beforean extreme case of a bunion - after an operation by Foot Surgery Services

Bunions don’t come much worse than this but the results with surgery are excellent. Though it is critical who does it!