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Pricing/ Fees as of January 2014

In order to undergo an operation it is necessary to see you at least twice before the operation for an initial consultation and then for pre op tests. Usually we have to obtain xrays before an operation. The initial consultation fee is £120 to £145 and xrays range from £40 to £140.

The following prices are a guide for single procedures performed under local anaesthetic and deep sedation. The price includes the clinic fee, the surgeon fee, the anaesthetist fee and the first and second week redressing:

Bunion correction £2000
Hammer toe/lesser toe correction £1600
Neuroma removal or soft tissue surgery £1600
Nail surgery £300

Quite commonly people undergo multiple procedures at the same time and the price does have to reflect that for example:

Bunion correction and shortening of the 2nd hammer toe £2400


Some people prefer to undergo the operation under just a local anaesthetic and without sedation; this will reduce all prices by £200 (except for nail surgery).